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Unisex Sports Socks
Snuggle your toes in these ultra-thick, all-weather thermal climbing socks for peace of mind while tackling the coldest trails. The compressed wool fibers and lightweight cushioning will insulate and cushion your feet to help them stay warm and comfortable.
560.34 KSh 560.34 KES
Lorpen Men's Sports Socks
For hikers, mountaineers, skiers, or anyone who enjoys walking or working outdoors and hates frostbites. Insulated with 100% extra-fine merino wool, these thermal socks are breathable yet they will keep your feet toasty warm regardless of the occasion. Made of lightweight merino wool, the socks are soft to touch but at the same time quick-wicking. Reusable and dry quickly after repeated washings. Perfect for camping, hiking, walking in the snow in cold conditions, or use as therapy socks for sensitive feet. Two colors, one size fits most.
560.34 KSh 560.34 KES
Warm Unisex Fleece Socks
These fleece socks let you experience the luxury of warm winter or home comfort even during cold weather. These polyester fleece-lined socks will keep your feet warm on cold winter-like nights in the mountains or in a drafty house. They are cozy and comfortable to wear, and the grippers on the soles keep your feet firmly on the ground. Great for everyone -- men, women, and the elderly. One size fits most.
1,120.69 KSh 1120.69 KES
Kids Sports Socks
Kids sports socks for hiking and mountaineerinThese socks are made for active kids who love to get out and about, but still want to stay warm. Our thermal socks are moisture-wicking, so your feet stay dry and comfortable even when it's cold out.
560.34 KSh 560.34 KES
Unisex Waterproof Sports Socks
Snuggle your toes in these waterproof, ultra-thick, all-weather thermal socks for peace of mind while tackling the wet trails. Crafted from a blend of waterproof and breathable fabrics, our sports socks offer superior protection against moisture, ensuring your feet stay dry throughout your wet weather outdoor activities. Whether you're trekking through muddy trails, running in the rain, or sweating it out in the gym, these socks provide reliable waterproofing without sacrificing breathability.
1,982.76 KSh 1982.76 KES