Leave No Trace Policy

Help us leave our parks cleaner than we find them

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No Plastics

Keep single-use plastics off our parks.

  • We shall provide you with water but politely request you to bring your own reusable bottle.
  • Transfer and carry your supplies — including sweets, cookies, and confectionaries — in reusable containers or envelopes.
  • Dispose of plastics and other waste responsibly in the trash bins provided.
  • Better yet, take your garbage home with you!

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Help in the collection and disposal of trash.

  •  Bring a small trash bag with you from home and collect any trash you find along the trails.
  •  Volunteer to carry the trash bags we provide and collect any trash you find on the trails.
  •  Volunteer in future scheduled clean-up activities.
  •  Donate to help in our scheduled clean-up activities.

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Help in the enforcement of this policy.

  •  Speak out boldly against offenders and ask them to pick up their trash on the spot.
  •  Name and shame anyone who disposes of litter irresponsibly.
  •  Offer suggestions that could help improve this policy.