Beginner To Mount Kenya In 90 Days

It's really a journey to the top of your mountains on the mountain. This course reintroduces you to who you were before you forgot who you were.

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A Brand New You Awaits At The End Of The Beginner To Mt Kenya Training Program

Everyone deserves a chance to push themselves beyond their normal limits. As part of our #Resolutions2024 campaign, we invite you to take up the challenge in our Beginner to Mount Kenya in 90 Days program. Nudge your adventure bug to bite and see yourself walk to Point Lenana at the end of the Mount Kenya training program.

In the program, we make the trek step by step towards your goals as we challenge ourselves to set new personal milestones and encourage you to do the same. The Beginner to Mount Kenya in 90 Days program is a 13-week, 7-event outdoor fitness course, specially designed to meet the needs of a beginner, and get them to Mt Kenya Point Lenana in 90 days. The Mt Kenya training course features six prep hikes with increasing difficulty, targeted toward building resilience.

Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days Core Features

6 Preparatory Hikes

One every two weeks, thoughtfully selected with increasing difficulty and intensity to prepare you for the arduous climb.

4 Days Mt. Kenya Chogoria Route

Allows for gradual altitude acclimatization while delivering breathtaking views on the most scenic route.

Dedicated Progressive Training

In-person off the trails, in a dedicated WhatsApp group, and in periodic virtual group discussions.

Other Features of the Beginner to Mt Kenya Program

Flexible Payment Plan

In four installments, so you can test the waters comfortably--although we know you will sail through to the end.

Vibrant Community

And a chance to form lifelong friendships and networks as you journey together in the outdoors for 3 months.

A Journey Back to You

It's really a journey to rediscover who you were before you forgot who you were. And that's the essence of our tagline "Unlock Your Mountain."

Right from the start, we will show you how to walk outdoors, and everything that is required for your survival and safety–from keeping yourself safe on the trails to selecting proper gear. We’ll be there with you every step of the way. This ensures that you take consistent steps towards harnessing the power of walking outside for your fitness goals, and on the 90th day, you’ll stand on top of Mt. Kenya itself!

Beginner to Mount Kenya in 90 Days Program Schedule

Introduction to Hiking

3 Hikes:

- Kilimambogo

- Kijabe Hills

- Mount Longonot

High Altitude Hiking

2 Hikes: 

- Elephant Hill

- Mackinders Quest

Altitude Acclimatization

1 hike:

- Mt. Satima Dragon's Teeth

Reach Your Goal

Attempt the climb to Mount Kenya Point Lenana via the most scenic of Mount Kenya routes.

Beginner to Mount Kenya Program Phase 1: Introduction to Hiking

We kick off the program with a one-hour virtual session four days before the first event. The session's goal is to get acquainted with the team and get a run-through of the program and what to expect. This will include Q&A.

Oldonyo Sabuk: Kilimambogo

Our maiden expedition to Kilimambogo is a moderate hiking experience meant to spark your interest in outdoor fitness life. The mountain is located along the Thika-Garissa highway, within the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park.

Goal: Introduction to hiking

Total distance: 18km

Hiking time: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

2024 Dates: Jan6 | May 4 | Sep 28

Orientation Day -- The Nairobi Arboretum

Goal: Orientation to hiking gear and rules

We proceed to a two-hour orientation session at The Nairobi Arboretum, where you get to be introduced to the hiking gear you will need along the way. You shall also be taken through the dos and don'ts of hiking--rules and guidelines to keep you safe, alive, and well on the trails.

2024 Dates: Jan 7 | May 5 | Sep 29

Kijabe Hills

On our second hike, we set out to discover the magic of the Kijabe Hills Hike. Our expedition starts at the AIC Kijabe Hospital, cutting through thick forest vegetation, to get to the caves and hot springs. Next, we will conquer ourselves by scaling the three Kijabe Hills. Finally, we shall descend toward the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, to exit via Soko Mjinga.

Goal: Introduction hiking

Distance: 11km

Duration: 5-7 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

2024 Dates: Jan 20 | May 18 | Oct 12 

Mt. Longonot Crater Circuit

The third hike takes us to our first mountain, Mt. Longonot. The trail starts at the mountain's base, rising steeply on a 3.1km stretch to the crater rim, then covering 7.2km around the crater. Our hike ends back at the gate, covering 13.5km in total.

Goal: Orientation to steep terrain

Total distance: 13.5km

Hiking time: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate 

2024 Dates: Feb3 | Jun 1 | Oct 26 

Beginner to Mt Kenya Program Phase 2: High Altitude Hiking

Having understood what hiking entrails, gear and layering in the the first phase of the Beginner to Mt Kenya training program, we venture into the high-altitude trails, where we learn how our bodies adapt to changes in elevation, understand altitude sickness, and get to understand layering at a deeper scope when exposed to harsh mountain weather.

Elephant Hill Conquest

As we graduate to the high-altitude trails , our first expedition takes us to the notorious Elephant Hill in Southern Nyandarua. This strenuous hike will introduce you to the unpredictable, harsh weather conditions at higher altitudes and deliver a new experience hiking through the various montane vegetation zones, in preparation for the Mt. Kenya climb.

Goal: Altitude acclimatization, Orientation to steep terrain

Total distance: 19km

Hiking time: 7-10 hours

Difficulty: Difficult

2024 Dates: Feb17 | Jun 15 | Nov 9

The Mackinders Quest

Slightly under a month to achieving our end goal on the Beginner to Mt Kenya training program, we will go on a unique mission to set our eyes on the prize. Our route choice will be the Naromoru route, as the trail is short, making it possible to trek all the way to the Mackinders camp (4,300m ASL) on a day trip, where we will enjoy glorious views of the peaks--if the weather permits.

The Mackinders hike is a crucial event in the Mount Kenya training program. Here, we get to experience altitude sickness symptoms to enable us to identify and report the symptoms long before they become severe at the Main Mt. Kenya climb.

Goal: Altitude acclimatization, orientation to altitude sickness

Total distance: 20km

Hiking time: 7-9 hours

Difficulty: Strenuous

2024 Dates: Mar 2| Jun 29 | Nov 23

Second Orientation Day -- The Nairobi Arboretum

Goal: Mount Kenya gear, briefing, and Q&A

Next, we get our second two-hour orientation session at The Nairobi Arboretum. Having acquired some hiking experience over the last two months, we shall now begin preparing for the Mount Kenya climb awaiting at the end of the month. We shall dive in-depth into the mountaineering gear features and usage so you are better informed as you plan for shopping. We shall also get a briefing on safety and emergency preparedness and engage in a Q&A session.

2024 Dates: Mar 3 | Jun 30 | Nov 24

Oldoinyo Lesatima Dragon's Teeth Trail

Rising to an altitude of 4,001m (13,126ft) above sea level, Ol Donyo Lesatima is the highest of the Aberdares peaks and the third-highest peak in Kenya. On our final preparatory hike, we will set out on the reasonably gentle, magnificent Dragon's Teeth trail, hoping to conquer ourselves on Satima Peak. We save the best for last--and the relative ease ensures we are all adequately acclimatized before the Mt Kenya expedition four days later.

Goal: Altitude acclimatization

Total distance: 16km

Hiking time: 7-9 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

2024 Dates: Mar 16| Jul 13 | Dec 7

Beginner to Mount Kenya Program Climax: Unlocking Point Lenana

We understand hiking as a sport deeply, we have mastered how our bodies adapt to changes in elevation, we have an immense understanding of gear and layering to keep us protected from the elements; it is now time to undertake the pilgrimage to the top of Kenya!

2024 Dates: Mar 21--24 | Jul 18-21 | Dec 12-15

Day 1

Nairobi - Chogoria Gate - Lake Ellis

We depart Nairobi for Chogoria Gate early in the morning. Upon arrival at the Mt. Kenya Chogoria Gate, we will connect with the Outdoorer Mt. Kenya team, meet and greet, and have brunch before hitting the trail.

After registration at the gate, we begin our trek through the beautiful Hargenia forest, past a fisheries station. As we approach Road Head camp, we will take a detour on the right toward Lake Ellis. Prepare to be enchanted by the glittering blue-green reflections of the late afternoon sun on  Lake Ellis against the Hinde Valley’s beautiful backdrop.

We will pitch camp here by the lake. Feel free to wander around the lake as you take unlimited pictures. Later, enjoy a quiet evening by the lake, as you have dinner and recount your experiences.

Distance:- 8km

Elevation gain:- 600m

Max Elevation: 3,455m ASL

Day 2

Journey to Camp Mintos

After breakfast, we will embark on our journey through the heather and moorland towards Camp Mintos on an initially relatively steep trail. Expect breathtaking views all along the way. We shall carry a packed lunch at a picnic point along the trail.

After the lunch break, we continue our trek through a rocky, steep stretch. Altitude sickness symptoms may start appearing at this point; therefore, we will maintain a very moderate pace the rest of the way. If heights don’t scare you, you will have the opportunity to catch a beautiful glimpse of the entire Lake Michaelson from atop a cliff.

Soon enough, we reach our final destination, Camp Mintos. Here, you will give your feet a well-deserved break by letting them breathe. Feel free to slip on your sandals or walk on bare feet around the beautiful Mintos Tarn. Later on, we will have our dinner and retire early in readiness to attempt the summit push to Point Lenana early in the morning.

Distance:- 9km

Elevation gain:- 800m

Max Elevation: 4,200m ASL

Day 3

Conquering Ourselves

We wake up at 1:00 a.m, have tea and snacks, and immediately begin our trek to Point Lenana by 2:30 a.m. An early ascent guarantees magical views of sunrise at dawn from the summit if we make it on time. Set yourself to take it all as far as the eye can see: Simba Tarn, Harris Tarn, Square Tarn, Hanging Tarn, and the view across the divide.

With our mission accomplished, we will head back to Camp Mintos for breakfast. Later, we head back to Lake Ellis, where we shall spend the last night.

Distance:- 17km

Mintos to Pt. Lenana: 4.5km
Pt. Lenana to Lake Ellis: 13.5km

Elevation gain:- 785m

Max Elevation: 4,985m ASL

Day 4

Home Sweet Home

After breakfast, we shall have an awards ceremony. (Bring your best dress and pray for good weather!) Thereafter, those of us with some spare energy left shall take a small detour down to the magical Nithi Fall, preparing our hearts and minds to bid the mountain farewell. We shall then hit the road back to Chogoria Gate, where we shall board our transfer vehicles back to Nairobi.

We hope to come out of the mountain with our hearts fuller and our souls richer, having completed the Beginner to Mt Kenya program.

Distance:- 9km

Charges, Package & Cancellation Policy

Beginner to Mount Kenya Charges

  • Kenyan Citizens & East Africans: Ksh 61,500/=

Due to a pending court determination on the proposed increase in 2024 KWS conservation fees, we presently do not have a subscription package for foreign residents

At this time, foreign residents who wish to participate in the program shall get a customized plan billed per event.

Payment Plan

  • Pay Ksh 9,500 non-refundable booking deposit.
  • 2nd Installment: Ksh 18,000 by the end of the first month.
  • 3rd Installment: Ksh 17,000 by the end of the second month.
  • 4th Installment: clear the balance three weeks before the Mount Kenya climb. 

Mpesa Buy Goods till 989985

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Beginner to Mount Kenya Package Includes

- Progressive training throughout the course of the program:

  • Training materials and discussions in a WhatsApp group
  • Three virtual Q&A group calls
  • Two one-on-one hands-on gear sessions at the Nairobi Arboretum
  • Unlimited consulting with various Outdoorer Champions

- Transport from Nairobi and back for all events

- Park fees & charges at all events

- Guide services at all events

- Paramedic services at all events

- A liter of water, glucose, and fruits at the day hikes

- Services of a professional team of guides, cooks, and porters at Mt. Kenya

- Full-board accommodation in a standard two-man tent and a standard camping mat at Mt. Kenya -- two people sharing a tent.

A private tent may be requested at an extra cost. However, we strongly discourage using a private tent for safety reasons. Altitude sickness commonly develops at night, therefore it is safer to have someone with you.


Package DOES NOT include

- Hiking gear, clothes, and other personal effects

- Sleeping bag and porter's backpack 

- Anything else not mentioned in the 'Package Includes' list

Click here for the Mt. Kenya Gear Checklist.

See this detailed gear guide as well.

Other costs you will incur in the Mount Kenya training program
  • Hiking gear: second-hand hiking gear - Ksh 25,000-40,000; brand new hiking gear - From Ksh 80,000/=
  • Mandatory air evacuation cover at the Mount Kenya expedition - $25 USD (if you have your own, please confirm ahead of travel that it covers air evacuation during mountaineering activities at elevations above 3,000m ASL).
  • Tips at the Mount Kenya expedition - from Ksh 2,000

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Beginner to Mount Kenya Training Program Cancellation and Refunds Policy

– The booking confirmation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to a future event or program.

– The booking and booking confirmation deposit are transferrable to a different person on or before the program start date.

–  Where cancellation is requested on or before the program start date, Ksh 9,500 or 15% of the program cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after the program start date, and on or before day 70 of the program, Ksh 22,000 or 35% of the program cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after day 70 of the program, and before day 80 of the program, Ksh 34,000 or 55% of the program cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

– No refund will be issued when cancellation is requested on or after day 80 of the program.

– The Beginner to Mount Kenya in 90 Days Program ticket is bundled and may not be split into specific event tickets. Therefore, no-shows may not claim any amount for any event they miss.

– The Beginner to Mount Kenya in 90 Days Program subscription will be put on hold as soon as a milestone payment falls overdue.

– The Beginner to Mount Kenya in 90 Days Program ticket expires immediately a milestone payment becomes seven (7) days overdue. The ticket is deemed canceled on the expiry date, and the cancellation policy applies.

– An expired ticket may be revived by topping up the deposits paid to the total of the per-event rate for all events in the bundled ticket.

– Participation in the prep hikes is mandatory, otherwise, no adjustments will be made to the final cost.

– No refunds will be issued where participation is denied due to non-compliance with the rules and regulations, safety guidelines, and/or the failure to comply with the minimum gear requirements.

– No-shows forfeit the entire deposits paid up.

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