Mt. Kenya Naromoru Dash


The Climax: Point Lenana in a day

We wrap up the new Altomatum challenge by attempting to get to Mt. Kenya Point Lenana in a day. It’s been done before, and if you have made it thus far, it’s certainly worth a try!

We depart Nairobi on Friday at 11 a.m, aiming to get to the Mount Kenya Naromoru gate (2,400m) by 3 p.m. We shall then drive 9km into the park to get to Met Camp (3,048m), where we shall spend the evening. We arise at 1 a.m and have breakfast, targeting to hit the trail by 2 a.m.

Our trek takes us 10km to Mackinders Camp (4,300m), where we shall have a light breakfast before continuing on the brutally steep climb towards Austrian Hut (4,790m) and, finally, Point Lenana (4,895m) in 4km. We shall then descend all the way back to Met Camp, where we shall board our buses back to Nairobi.

Hiking Distance: 28km

Maximum Elevation: 4,895m

Total Elevation Gain: 1,984m

Hiking time: 14-16 hours

Mt. Kenya Naromoru Dash Itinerary

November 24th

10:30 a.m Meet up at International House Parking, City Hall Way. Boarding opens.

11:00 a.m Departure for Mt. Kenya Naromoru Gate.

03:00 p.m Arrival at Mt. Kenya Naromoru Gate for registration.

03:30 p.m Departure for Met Camp

November 25th

01:00 a.m Wake up and have breakfast

02:00 a.m Hike Starts

01:15 p.m Mandatory turn-back and descent to avoid encounters with wild animals after dusk

EST 07:30 p.m Departure for Nairobi

Mode of hiking: Time target-based

You shall receive targets to evaluate your progress throughout the hike. The turn-back time before Mackinders Camp is 2:00 p.m. The latest time by which the last person must get to Point Lenana is 12:30 p.m

Mount Kenya Dash Gear Requirements

Thermal top and bottom, quick-dry pants and tshirt

Rain pants, rain jacket, fleece jacket, and fleece-lined hiking pants

– Warm, windproof hat, balaclava, fleece-lined gloves, headlamp, and sunglasses

Leg gaiters and waterproof hiking boots

– Sleeping bag or camping quilt



By Bus



Ksh 29,000

KES 22,000


KES 29,000

KES 22,000


KES 63,900

KES 56,900

Mpesa Till 989985


Date & Time
Friday, March 1, 2024
Start - 11:00 AM (Africa/Nairobi)
Saturday, March 2, 2024
End - 11:30 PM (Africa/Nairobi)

Mount Kenya National Park

--Mount Kenya National Park--
--Mount Kenya National Park--
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