I returned to the big mountain with no expectations. But I won!

- Majid Nderitu

Majid Nderitu - Class of April 2021

I returned to Mt. Kenya precisely one month since my last failed attempt. I was on a mission to deliver a clear message to my epilepsy: I was no longer afraid of it, and I was not going to let it win.

These past four weeks have had me working on my pace, breathing, and sleep pattern — key factors which contributed to my inability to complete the climb last month. Importantly, I decided to give it another go with a completely open mind.

I returned to the big mountain with no expectations. I was fine only getting to the first camp, or the second, or even halfway up. However far my body was going to carry me, I was psychologically prepared to accept it and give it another try in the future.

So, when I delivered the message on 4,985m ASL at 6:21 a.m, I was not overwhelmed. I shed my tears — as everyone else does — but I did not experience a meltdown. I had been on the journey for much longer and swam through all the motions in the process.

I am still amazed at how much I’ve grown since I started hiking in January. I am even more thankful that I have learned to feel everything throughout the journey without focusing on the end goal.

Whichever other summits my feet lead me to, this body and mind are ready!

I Did It For My Epilepsy
- Majid Nderitu