80L New Outlander Ergonomic Rucksack


Thoughtfully chosen by your outdoorsy friends at Outdoorer, this 80L New Outlander bag is just what you need on the long commutes, the camping trips, and the nights out venturing in nature. It features a roomy main compartment, extra pockets and compartments, adjustable waist and sternum belts, and an ergonomically designed padded back.

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Product Description

Are you ready to embark on your next epic journey? Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a casual hiker, the 80L New Outlander Rucksack is here to make your adventures more convenient, organized, and comfortable. This rugged and versatile backpack is designed to be your trusty partner for all your outdoor escapades.


1. Spacious 80L Capacity: Pack everything you need for extended trips or multi-day hikes with ease. Plus, the option for extension allows you to adjust the capacity to suit your needs perfectly.

2. Intelligent Compartment Design: The New Outlander Rucksack boasts multiple compartments to keep your gear well-organized. What sets it apart is the innovative ability to divide the main compartment into two sections, allowing quick access to the bottom compartment without disturbing the rest of your items.

3. Ample Pockets: Stay organized effortlessly with multiple pockets that cater to your storage needs, ensuring that your essentials are always within reach.

4. Water-Repellent Material: Constructed from high-quality water-repellent material, this rucksack offers protection against unexpected rain showers and splashes. For added peace of mind, it includes a dedicated rain cover to shield your belongings from water damage.

5. Gear Attachment Options: For outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate versatility, the New Outlander Rucksack features multiple straps to hang your sleeping bag or camping mat. Additionally, the top lid comes with extensions that can be used to secure items on the outside of the bag, providing even more storage options.

6. Comfortable Carry: Your comfort is a priority, and that's why this rucksack is equipped with adjustable, well-padded shoulder straps that can be tailored to your body shape. No more discomfort, even during long hikes.

7. Stability and Support: Achieve stability and reduce strain on your back with the included hip strap and padded back support. These features make carrying your gear a breeze, allowing you to focus on the beauty of your surroundings.

The 80L New Outlander Rucksack is the ideal choice for adventurers who demand reliability, versatility, and convenience in their gear. Say goodbye to the hassles of disorganized and uncomfortable backpacks and experience the difference of a rucksack designed to enhance your outdoor experiences.

Get ready to conquer the great outdoors with the 80L New Outlander Rucksack. Adventure awaits!



Color Army Green or Black or Red or Navy Blue