-15°C Egg-Shaped Down Sleeping Bag


Thoughtfully selected by your mountaineering friends at Outdoorer with the cold nights of Mt. Kenya, Ruwenzori, and Kilimanjaro in mind, this down mummy sleeping bag is just what you need to keep warm. Ideal for hikers who like to spread out a little more without compromising on their warmth needs.

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Product Description

For those seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure in the coldest conditions, look no further than the -15°C Egg-Shaped Down Sleeping Bag. The sleeping bag is designed to comfortably withstand -15°C and an extreme temperature of up to -30°C, making it the perfect companion for cold weather camping or mountaineering.

One of the most important features of this sleeping bag is its filling, which is made from high-quality duck down. This natural filling is sourced from the soft, fluffy feathers found on the underside of ducks and geese. The primary advantage of using duck down filling is its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. The down clusters trap air effectively, providing excellent insulation against the cold. Additionally, duck down is highly compressible, allowing the sleeping bag to be packed down into a small size for easy transport. Compared to synthetic fillings, duck down is also more durable and has a longer lifespan.

The full-length zipper on this sleeping bag ensures that you are fully covered, protecting you from the elements. The zipper is also designed to be opened fully, allowing the sleeping bag to be used as a blanket. To ensure that the zipper stays in place while you're sleeping, there is a Velcro closure at the mouth of the sleeping bag.

The hood shrink rope and city choke strip design are additional features that help to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping. The hood shrink rope allows you to adjust the fit of the hood, ensuring that it stays in place and covers your head completely. The city choke strip design helps to prevent heat loss by creating a snug fit around your neck and shoulders.

The outer shell of the sleeping bag is made from water-resistant material, providing protection against moisture and keeping you dry in damp conditions. The soft lining on the inside of the sleeping bag adds an extra layer of comfort, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night.

After a long day of hiking or camping, you'll be happy to know that the sleeping bag comes with a free compression bag for storage. Simply pack the sleeping bag into the compression bag and it will be ready for your next adventure.

Overall, the -15°C Egg-Shaped Down Sleeping Bag is the perfect sleeping bag for those looking to stay warm and comfortable in extremely cold conditions. With its high-quality duck down filling, full-length zipper, hood shrink rope, and water-resistant outer shell, this sleeping bag has everything you need for a good night's sleep in the great outdoors.