Mount Kenya Sirimon Route 4 Days 3 Nights

Mount Kenya Sirimon Route 4 Days 3 Nights

Experience the Thrill of the Climb on a Less Arduous Mt. Kenya Trail

If you are an intermediate or advanced hiker looking to get to Mt. Kenya Point Lenana on a less arduous expedition, the Outdoorer Mt Kenya Sirimon Route climb is a perfect choice. As we get to the climax of our Mount Kenya Crash Program, we set out on a journey through the most popular Mt. Kenya route and dive into the magic of Mount Kenya. Our ultimate goal is to conquer ourselves by getting to Point Lenana, the third-highest peak of Mt. Kenya, rising to an elevation of 4,985m ASL. The four-day experience through the Outdoorer Mt Kenya Sirimon Route Climb begins and ends at the Sirimon Gate. We will set out to experience the breathtaking views of the Sirimon Route, including the Sirimon Gorge, Likii North Valley, Mackinder Valley, and the glorious views across the expanse on the journey to Point Lenana.  

Outdoorer Mt Kenya Sirimon Route Climb Itinerary

DAY 1: Nairobi – Nanyuki – Old Moses Camp (3,300m)

We depart Nairobi for Sirimon Gate at 5:30 a.m. Upon arrival at Mt. Kenya Sirimon Gate, we will connect with the Outdoorer Mt. Kenya team, meet and greet, and have brunch before hitting the trail.

Our hike starts on a 9km well-paved road through the forest to get to Old Moses Camp. This will be our home for the night. Later on, we will have our evening tea, snacks, and dinner and retire early, in readiness for what day 2 has to offer.

Day 2:- Trek to Shiptons Camp (4,200m)

Distance:- 14km

Max elevation gain:- 900m

After breakfast, we hit the trail to our next camp on the Outdoorer Mt Kenya Sirimon Route Climb. Our 14km hiking trail takes us past three river crossings and the breathtaking Likii and Mackinder Valleys. Should the weather be favorable, prepare to be enchanted by the glorious views of the peaks throughout the day, as they beckon us closer and closer, urging us to take them on. We shall make a brief stop by a river at Lunch Point, where we shall have our packed lunch. Our ascent ends at the Shiptons Camp, right below the peaks. This will be our home for the night.

Day 3:- Conquering ourselves at Point Lenana (4,985m)

Hiking Distance: 19km

Max elevation gain:- 785m

 We wake up at 2 a.m, have breakfast immediately, and begin our steep 2.5km trek to Point Lenana (4,985m ASL) by 2:45 a.m. An early ascent guarantees us magical views of sunrise at dawn from the summit if we make it on time.

After conquering ourselves at Point Lenana, we hit the trail again down the steep descent back to Shiptons Camp. We shall have breakfast, collect our packed lunch, and then take on the 14 km trek down to Old Moses Camp, our home for the last night.

ETA at Old Moses Camp: 4-7 p.m

Day 4:- Home Sweet Home

After breakfast, we will hit the trail down to Sirimon Gate, where we will hold our graduation ceremony and have a brief thanksgiving session. Thereafter, we will catch our ride back to Nairobi, having completed the arduous trek to the highest point reachable on foot in Kenya. We hope to walk out with our hearts fuller and our souls richer, having conquered ourselves and unlocked our mountains.

What to Wear & Carry?

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Points to Consider

  • Pre-expedition altitude acclimatization increases your chances of getting to Point Lenana without experiencing severe altitude sickness. Consider undertaking a preparatory hike to at least 3,500m above sea level within the week preceding the expedition.
  • Do not travel to low altitude within the week preceding the expedition. Doing so greatly decreases your body’s ability to acclimatize with elevation gain and, consequently, increases the risk of altitude sickness.
  • Come with an open mind. The goal is to attempt the summit push. You shall never conquer the mountain; you can only conquer yourself.
  • On tipping, it is customary to tip porters and crew on mountaineering expeditions. You are not obliged, but we recommend carrying tips in cash–just in case you decide to tip. Tipping into the collective kitty is, traditionally, fairer than tipping specific members of the crew.



By Bus


Kenyan & EAC Citizens

KES 46,000

KES 38,900*

Foreign Kenyan Residents

KES 46,000*

KES 38,900*

Non-Resident Foreigners

US$ 662.00


* This price may change in the future if a pending court injunction on the proposed increase in 2024 KWS conservation fees is lifted.


Date & Time
Thursday, May 30, 2024
Start - 5:00 AM (Africa/Nairobi)
Sunday, June 2, 2024
End - 3:30 PM (Africa/Nairobi)

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